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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Wednesday, NBA jerseys and Nike announced a cooperation agreement, Nike will replace Adidas, the NBA's exclusive shirt sponsor. The partnership will begin in 2017-18 season, the contract length is eight years, according to informed sources, this contract is valued at approximately $ 1 billion. Thanks to Nike, Converse (Converse) and Jordan (Jordan) and other brands, Nike has control of more than 90 percent of the US basketball shoe market, but also the US national team's equipment suppliers. Since 1992, Nike is the NBA's official partner, its spokesmen including LeBron? James, Kevin? Durant and Kobe? Kobe Bryant and other stars. Now, Nike will get NBA shirt sponsorship contract for the NBA team to provide game design clothes, training suit and sport coats. and before the difference is, then, Nike Logo checkmark will appear on the NBA player's game jersey. This is the NBA for the first time authorized the joint venture Logo board game jersey. Previously, Adidas Logo can only appear on the warm-up suits and training shirt. the previous fiscal year, Nike's basketball equipment sales reached $ 3.1 billion, up 19%, in addition to running the company's largest business outside equipment. Analysts pointed out that the game suits printed on Logo, how much will boost sales, but more important is to not let rivals such as Adidas or UA to show his face on the shirt. Contract NBA had signed with Adidas expires in 2017. Earlier this year, Adidas said, will not be renewed and the NBA. The two sides began working in 2006, the estimated value of this 11-year $ 400 million contract. But Adidas executives said contract revenue is not as lucrative as they previously hoped. Adidas in the United States retired. Last year, Adidas America's second-largest sports apparel substituted position is Under Armour. In 2012, Adidas's Reebok jerseys and equipment lost in cooperat cheap jordans for sale ion with the National Football League (NFL), and then set the next house is Nike. Adidas said the future will be more concerned with the players personal sponsorship. It is said, Under Armour NBA has tried to offer, but ultimately failed to win this cooperation. At the same time, Nike also reached a marketing agreement with the Women's Basketball Association (WNBA) and US NBA Development League (NBA D-League). After the announcement, Nike's stock price rose 1.1 percent to $ 104.5. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on weekdays, Beijing subway station full of people walking hurriedly. Recently, a huge photograph depicting broke past the kind of atmosphere. People began to stop and watch, and foreign sports stars hand-drawn picture, it is "not impossible" series of activities Adidas latest. When a reporter through the underground passage, a dramatic scene took place. A young woman standing next to David Beckham giant photos, reluctant to leave, and finally pulled under the friend was able to leave again. beat Nike, Li Ning, Adidas won the last seat on a precious partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and thereafter, the adidas Group include the formation of a global and local expert team of professionals, the use of existing The best resources for development and management of the Olympic project. "Adidas hopes to become China's first brand in 2008, 2010 China sales reached ? 1 billion. China and Japan, the two regions will become the second largest market after North America. "Mr. Heiner Adidas global president referred to his blueprint of his face revealing a dash of excitement. "at all to fight for" It is reported that Adidas has created a "design center in Asia," the development of sports apparel souvenirs with China and India and the Adidas logo LOGO double, These Olympic licensed products ar cheap air jordans e designed, it will inject more Chinese elements. Adidas Olympic project manager Erica told reporters: "Adidas for the Beijing 2008 Olympic custom tailored products, equipment and technology." Now, in the Adidas store in China with a rich cultural atmosphere of "wind forest" T-shirts have been put on the counter. in the future for a long period of time, China will become the focus of adidas to the world of work in Asia within. Heiner in the interview with this reporter, said that 2007 is a crucial year for the preparations for the Beijing Olympics, the same terms for Adidas also need active for 08 Olympic fully prepared to do. Hainer said: "This year's Women's World Cup and the World Special Olympics are the two major sports event held in China, as Beijing Olympic partners we uphold the tradition, to become the two major events official partner of the Olympic Games we will take before these two major world events for the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and lay a solid foundation. " In addition to the establishment of the "Asian Design Center" in the next 500 days, Adidas also jointly organized with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee receiving awards design competition aimed at "Let the Chinese athletes on the podium at the Beijing Olympics on, put on ethnic characteristics, brought together the wisdom of the Chinese people dress. " A person Adidas particularly stressed to reporters: "This design competition will be fully completed by the Chinese people involved, assessed by an expert panel, select the best piece of work shortlisted." Prior to this, adidas with 1.3 billion yuan in the bid price, occupied the Beijing Olympic partners 08 seats, far more than the 10 billion Ning psychological bottom line. Beijing Sports University, an expert told reporters that whether it is Nike, Adidas or China's Li Ning, their executives have on different occasions showed a desire for the Asian market. For the Asian mark jordans for sale et eager to expand international business and the urgent hope to the world China's domestic enterprises, the Beijing 2008 Olympic partner title will undoubtedly become the focus of their contention. For Adidas, 1.3 billion worth such a price in the end? For this problem, Heiner euphemistically said: "The Olympic Games is the world's largest and most exciting sporting event, first held in 2008 in China, which will provide a unique Adidas platform, and then in China and throughout Asia to establish Adidas brand image and business, we'll do whatever it takes to fight for this right. " Olympic complex with the World Cup in Germany last year made brilliant achievements, as well as with the United States to achieve a sharp successful integration step, the latest financial data show Adidas, Adidas last year achieved sales of 10 billion euros, creating a new historical high. mileage at 80 years of growth in participation in the Olympic Games and other major events has been an important strategy for Adidas. Adidas in hand with the Olympics dates back to the last century, the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, Adidas founder Adi? Mr. Dassler for the players produced a first product, and since then, adidas and the Olympic Games began 80 years of cooperation. It was also during that time, Adidas and establish a "leader" of the image in the world sports brand camp, it is precisely because Adidas continuous efforts and innovation, the world economy and sports industry sports development of the industry was showing a thriving scene. In those days, "function first" is the company's main theme, "giving athletes the best" has become the company's slogan. "The Olympic Games athletes each won Adi people have devoted this technology beyond the concept." Olympic expert told reporters about the history. "Promotion model 'pyramid' model, the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship with sports teams, elite athletes to sports shoes, and Cheap foamposites for sale so complimentary of this series of acts, created the Adidas sports marketing history in numerous first time." but since the 1970s, in the United States running sports craze is a serious setback after the newborn rival Nike, Adidas has experienced a long "Lost Journey", has become a classic American sports industry management failure in Books Case. Data show that the end of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games period, China's sports industry output will reach nearly 30 billion yuan, because of the rapid development of the Asian sports industry, especially in the vast Chinese market prospects, Adidas began making break from the past, it lost out, and the planning and layout of the new strategy among German rigorous, calm and cool thinking to expect to win back the honor and dignity of the past, from fast to win in the Chinese market. China policy on this road, Adidas rival Nike is not one, there is also the impact from China's national brand Li Ning in the Chinese market. However, placed in front of the Adidas road is not flat, in addition to Nike, China's national brand Li Ning --- remarkable performance. A recent regional survey, we also found that Chinese consumers participate in the Olympic sponsor companies among the Li Ning brand awareness is highest. While the Olympics have not been sponsored, "license", but Li Ning adopted a "Quxianjiuguo" marketing strategy. Cooperation with CCTV sports channel, so that all relevant staff are wearing clothes with Li Ning logo. In addition, Li Ning recently also became the 2008 and 2010 Olympics official delegation of Swedish clothing suppliers. After this, Li Ning have both men and women's basketball in Spain, Argentina Basketball Association, NBA, the Sudan track and field team and other sports resources, its international team has added weight to this important Olympic Delegation of Sweden. how to win in this fierce competition, Adidas almost "brave" marketing strategy practic Cheap air jordans for sale e of "Impossible is Nothing" slogan. ending with the Chinese Football Association after the sponsorship of the Chinese football on the contract, Adidas then advance into contact with the Chinese Football Association in 2004, hoping to continue to be a Chinese football sponsor. Although the price tag, the Nike brand is also actively involved at this time, and the Chinese Football Association to open a high price to attract attention, but Adidas football after China market trends in the coming years to conduct a comprehensive analysis and forecasting, and ultimately out of the 500 million yuan of The six-year sponsorship deal in football bag. Meanwhile, the return of Adi available to greatly increase than before, including in China's advertising team competition venues, shirts copyright. After Adidas sponsored elite athletes to follow their own traditions and sports teams, a lapse of less than a year, had a record investment to 200 million yuan of funds and in-kind sponsorship China national volleyball team, time is up to five years. This figure is the national volleyball team a few times in the past to accept sponsorship, which is the history of Adidas Volleyball largest sum. The Chinese women's volleyball team at the Athens Olympics created by shaking reversal in line with the Adidas "Impossible," the spirit of philosophy. at the end of the interview is about, Heiner once again stressed to reporters the "Beyond Nike, becoming the first Chinese brand of determination," he said: "Sport is a universal language, Sports Business also to the world, no matter which corner of our sport is a bridge of communication, we believe that the Beijing Olympic Games can bring us success. "BEAUTY & YOUTH joint Adidas Originals high-end branch line Consortium launches new Superstar 80v. This limited style of cooperation in this pair of low shoes with leather upper, while the three bars brand logo, midsole and shoelaces are also using the sa air jordan 11 space jam for sale me color design. The eye-catching dark blue heel label and the understated golden Superstar logo give details of a change in the simplicity of the shoe. 〈br clover="" superstar="" 80v="" minimalist="" shoes Air, Jordan, XXXI, WHY, NOT, tribute Russell · Westbrook's best three double record in a single season. This specially designed to capture design elements from the Westbrook 2013 edition of Air Jordan III PE, at the same time for his fighting style ingenuity to create Air XXXI based on Jordan. Air Jordan XXXI combines the two and salutes Westbrook with a distinguished fashion style, a milestone season performance. price: $1699 release date: Saturday, April 29th () number: AA9794-003Fresh wave CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star 2013-12-08 22:14:38 CONVERSE First String series of high-end branch also fierce competition launched its own spring and summer, simple elegance is the theme, whether high or low to help help are looking for a fresh and elegant line. In this spring and summer season, after all, a good partner with the trip.[global shoe network] it is learnt that the well-known sports brand New Balance will soon launch New Balance MRT580 products in the United states. This shoe product is made up of three brands, WHIZ LIMITED, Mita Sneakers and New Balance. 〈br new="" balance="" mrt580〈br="" mrt580 black premium leather, fine white car line, toe and collar at the stars totem is a symbol of the spirit of LIMITED WHIZ. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in the U.S. market in November 30th, the price of 165 U. S. dollars. (the first exclusive business opportunities, instant Buyers-A global shoe suppliers millet station editor) NMD will continue to force in 2017, the storm belongs to NMD again in the spring and summer again. Yesterday, it has been announced for everyone in April will debut a variety of NMD R1, R2 and R2 PK new color matching, this time again brought Wu Yifan personally upper body interpretation pictorial. The focus of shoes non NMD R2 is, compared to the previous generation, not only will Primeknit upper design more texture, in the bottom of the Boost is a simple design, two TPU color outside of the removed, increase the inner volume of TPU. The whole is more concise and sharp! In addition to NMD R2, NMD R1, NMD classic shoes XR1 NMD City and Sock 2 will also be a new image again, not only bring a variety of color, also will adopt a new material to create a vamp, really exciting! girl's exclusive heel and wave point design! 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This is also a superstar shoes closer to life, trend. Internet exposed a Nike LeBron 12 NSW Lifestyle physical picture, the picture, which use black suede shoe uppers to build, while the toe and heel using a similar material as the foil off-road tires, giving a high-end outsole, very wild feeling. Reuse a decorative gold buttons, instant character bursting. Of course, LBJ Logo on the big red sole shoes is show who is the exclusive, domineering side leakage. How? This pair of shoes is not your dish, if you like, please continue to focus on it! Carhartt x Diemme new Marostica Pack do not note series 2013-12-08 22:56:27 Recently, the Italian brand Diemme snow boots tooling to join the famous American brand Carhartt, brought us together in this & nbsp; "Marostica Pack "Do note series. Series includes a high and low to help two pairs of different shoes were black suede and brown canvas to build, and are loaded with leather material double tongue, fashion sense doubled. There are channels friends can go to shops to buy each Carhartt WIP, priced at 225 pounds and 209 pounds. As Jordan Brand's unique spokeswoman Maya Moore not only have superior strength, but also has a remarkable charm, in last year's award-site championship rings she was wearing a pair of Air Jordan 11 PE, so many people feel very attractive, color uppers year Jordan Brand introduced a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low GS is very similar, but to help restore the high version, but with a mole of the autographed let valuable, it is learned that the shoe is now on the web auction, the auction proceeds will be donated to children's charity care for the organization CURE & nbsp; International. Jordan 6 Rings GS new color release 2014-02-24 21:02:41 Jordan 6 Rings style is very varied, Jordan Brand also willing on it to try different colors and materials. The release of this Jordan 6 Rings GS body of the shoe in a position to use baffles to create a black patent leather, the remaining upper is used with white artificial fabric, with striking red details, the overall effect of the full impact.Earlier we introduce Marcus Jordan will set up their own shop in the trend next year message, so many sneaker instantly excited. Today he revealed himself through the network news, he chose the address will be in Orlando, Florida, and the shop named The Trophy Room, from the literal meaning we can conclude that this shop will showcase exhibits and beyond the imagination of a lot about Jordan family elements will be in stores next year officially opened satisfied customers, introduction to believe that the shop is one of the iconic classic set of friends in Orlando. Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke new product exposure 2013-12-08 22:47:37 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke has been the Nike Air Force 1 for the quality of products, and today we bring this pair Luis Valle by the design of the new Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke new for you. Low-key appearance has revealed the inherent luxury, this pair of Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke shoes using brown and khaki camouflage color three-dimensional rendering, and with a bright red lining, a white midsole additional design joined Red car line decoration, the use of khaki camouflage midsole and shoe body color echoes. & nbsp; Nike WMNS Zoom Astoria Sky High new debut 2013-12-09 00:05:50 Sneaker sweeping the globe, more and more girls take off the high heels, put on comfortable shoes, Nike classic shoes will also continue to transform the way with increased within cater the needs of girls. The Nike ACG will spur its classic shoes Nike WMNS Zoom Astoria & nbsp; Mid transformation, while retaining some of the original design shoes, sturdy leather uppers and rugged rubber outsole still represents ACG branch durable soul. It is reported that this shoe has started selling in Japan, will soon landed the global market. Weibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176