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[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News June 7 is highly concerned about the candidates and their parents the college entrance examination. June 4, I visited the market found that relates the entrance of stationery, supplements and other goods sold very pretty. Before the city several stationery shops or large supermarkets stationery counter, can see the businesses set up "entrance stationery counter" in a conspicuous place, specialized in selling pens, erasers, compasses, rulers and other special entrance examination stationery. In a stationery shop Hing Road, where I saw the store entrance stationery counters stocked with stationery packs more than 10 varieties. Miss Shen operators introduced since mid-May, this fully furnished entrance spree began stationery shelves, business is good. Ms. Shen said, it may cause the computer to read failures or errors due to poor quality of the answer sheet coated with a 2B pencil, many candidates would rather spend a little more money to buy a good brand when purchasing a 2B pencil. In the visit, they also found some common price 2B pencil and marked with the words "entrance only" a 2B pencil price difference of about one yuan. Although the price is slightly expensive, but the operator will recommend candidates generally have to buy such "entrance dedicated" on the stationery. I learned in the visit, some pharmacies recent nutritional supplements, ginseng and other high-grade ginseng supplements increased sales. "This time to buy health care products are mainly parents, these enhance memory, improve sleep, improve immunity aspects of health care products, selling Tinghuo." Six Classics Street, a pharmacy health food salesman, said the author, for college entrance students launched all kinds of nutrition, supplements, functional beverages category many functions propaganda is nothing less than three points above, she said. Price from tens of dollars to the hundred dollars. In addition to nutrition and health products, chocolate, nuts jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black , snack foods, functional beverage sales is also good. In addition, in Dandong City, a sporting goods store, with "??" pattern is a trademark of Nike apparel and sneakers substantial sales. Small Tong said the clerk, daily sales in recent days two times more than usual, the best selling is priced at around $ 500 sneakers. She introduced since the end of May, every day to the store to buy the parents have red "??" patterned shoes and clothes, many of whom are parents of a thousand dollars a month in advance to order sports shoes, many parents say they only "good luck." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)Fashioned with comfort and protection in terms of Women Jordans 6, 100% quality as properly as return policy assurance. We offer Top from the line Products, Reasonable manufacturing area Expense, Fast and Protected Shipping and delivery plus delivery, 24/7 customer company, you can also obtain great offering of way and latest styles when browsing using the added bonus of fresh colors and textures. With superior cushioning technology it is going to probably keep you comfortable and also supported, and with plastic outsole that Original Women Jordans 6 Retro can be more durability along with traction. Nike sport shoes are sometimes a series of nike shoes wholesale with your added bonus of new colors and textures. With superior cushioning technology it is going to probably keep you comfortable and also supported. They are four-column cushioning unit on the heel kobe bryant footwear and shoes provides energy return along with total comfort on putting on, and welcome to each of our free runs online to get your favorite Women Jordans Retro. Jordans 6 Retro Are Nicely Fashioned" /〉 I like this news,and it's from Since first appeared last year, a lot of Nike Dunk High high have adopted the "Vandal" design, but this trend is the biggest beneficiary to the number of Blazer.html" target=" _ cheap jordans for sale blank" 〉 Blazer. As shown in the figure, this Nike Blazer High high Gang, although not completely "Vandal", but the white leather wrapped black nylon, is the essence of this design. The entire shoe unexpectedly simple, seems to indicate that the Nike Sportswear is the future trend, recover the original simplicity behind. The new product is now on sale at 95Soleman, a well-known specialty store in eBay, and friends like you should not miss it. Data source: Battle shoes Wang NIKE BlazerNike SB Dunk black and white nylon scimitar of new quick report NIKE: a review of black and white scimitar nylon Blazer a Nike SB Dunk new reportNike, Inc. today announced the latest innovations in technology professional football : Nike "poison Feng " (The Nike Hypervenom). This is a based on Neymar , Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other strikers feedback and suggestions of the brand new football boots. These players made ??it clear they want a quick creation of attack in the restricted area of ??space and complete the shot from any angle offensive weapon.Players talked about the rising rival flexibility , they think now with many of the world's top Guards as fast striker agility , superior technology . The feedback is the most direct Neymar : "I need to help me a more frequent and rapid creation of space for shoes and I need it to improve my flexibility , so I had to look at the opponent into a shot can be done before ."Nike soccer shoes category vice president Phil McCartney (Phil McCartney) , "said Neymar opinion is essential. Previously, he has been wearing assassin nine generations (Mercurial Vapor IX), this shoe can help the players insight and discovery a strike enemy space , is a pure speed-type product and the ' poison Feng ' emphasize the importance of creating space ball into the goal . this is particularly important nuances , ' drug front ' emphasis on improving the flexibility and players Shooting . "Category by Nike football design director Dennis Coffin Abramovi jordans on sale mens ch (Denis Dekovic) design team led by observing today 's offensive game design and development process to proceed . Coffin Popovich said: "The game is changing. Previously, speed is the key offensive game , but now each player 's speed very quickly . ' Drug front ' is the birth of a response to this change . Striker hopes changes faster , which only refers to run faster, but also means that in a small space with the ball faster. they want to use their inherent flexibility in the defensive penalty area found offensive tight space does not exist then create the opportunity to confront those faster, more flexible defender , ' drug front ' shoes is designed for this purpose . ""These strikers in the game to show the extraordinary talent and creative performance so deeply impressed the fans , whether it is the fans , teammates or opponents are well aware of these players can create the greatest threat we face the challenge of how meet their needs and provide advantages to play their best products . "This new product design team that must be manufactured shoes revolution in the way innovation . McCartney said: "Generally speaking, a new shoe will focus on improving comfort, shoe materials, shoe soles and studs configuration. ' Drug front ' shoes in the above aspects with a new solution when we players communicate, we understand that the only solution is to create a new product . "Coffin Popovich added: " ' drug front ' of the upper with the new NIKESKIN system . NIKESKIN in soft mesh material with polyurethane film , then add the Nike ACC Technology (All Conditions Control technology, ACC). ACC technology to ensure that both the wet or dry conditions , with the same soccer shoes of control . "" Mesh material to make shoes with extraordinary comfort and feel. Players want us to build a feeling as close as possible to play barefoot shoes , let us use mesh step closer . Nike ACC technology can keep dry the mesh , but it does not reduce the flexibility and comfort shoes , track shoes an Cheap air jordans for sale d thus will not affect the performance and designed . ""Poison front" also features a brand new shoe , shoe section focuses on the removal of the embedded material, so that the foot closer to the venue and soccer. It is by far the most human body structure Nike shoe last .The last element of the design is perhaps the most easily underestimated football innovations . Nike and several of the world's top podiatrist cooperation has created a separate forefoot outsole - it helps to get rid of guard , especially when the players took a critical first step . The effect can be found in the forefoot cavity , it can help the first one metatarsal fast start , it is this part of the response determines the start time of the feet .The bottom of the outsole compress nylon , making the soles lighter, faster response and help transfer power and very light. The structure and length of the spikes through careful design, grip soles can quickly and more quickly activated. All design innovations are designed to allow players to create space faster than ever before .McCartney said: "' Poison front ' shoes is a creative new generation of players to the most perfect interpretation . ' Poison Feng ' agile , fast , it completes the finishing touches on this planet can emulate a handful of top striker . "New Nike ' poison Feng ' shoes will be June 2 game against England in Brazil Neymar and Wayne Rooney wearing by the debut . Other upcoming wearing the new shoes · players including Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Robert Lewandowski and Danny - Danny Welbeck . Australia street artists Sekure D launched air jordan 4 "Dr. Manhattan" and air jordan 4 "Rorschach" two comic "watchmen" don't note shoes after paragraph can be described as reputation big noise, and access to the many fans of shoes from, he put the characters in the comic book is reflected in the shoes of incisively and vividly. Recently with the London Olympic Games held, air jordan 6 Olympic version Hengkong born and caused a small upsurge, D Sekure not let shoes of this pair of high heat and use it as a blueprint, launched the third paragraph "watchmen" special section. And this is the comedian in the comic book as the inspiration, to all black Litchi Pericarp Color, plus the elements of American stars and stripes and represent the comedian armor silver decoration, followed by a smiley face for this pair of don't note edition shoes add a bit sense of joy. This pair of Jordan Air 6 "Comedian" for the price of $550 (about 3500 yuan), but is only a few 9.5US this code number is for sale, interested friends can go to D Sekure online shopping mall. source: nicekicks 〈br; purchase information: Name: Jordan Air 6 "Comedian" price: $550 (about 3500 yuan) purchase link: D Sekure ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; 〈/br;This classic shoes is still the main Air Jordan series, which also accounted for nearly 30% of the position, in addition, in addition to New balance and Asics and a few other shoes, like the NIKE Zoom Talaria is a rare appearance; of course, also not the most new shoes on, such as the LeBron 12 EXT "Wheat" KD 7 "Aunt Pearl". 0.jpg (236.42 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:13 1.jpg (146.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:13 2.jpg (165.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:13 3.jpg (177.25 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:13 Nike 4.jpg (99.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:13 5.jpg (77.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-10 upload at 22:130.jpg (53.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 1.jpg (32.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 2.jpg (34.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 3.jpg (133.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 4.jpg (86.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 5.jpg (188.55 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 upload at 22:27 6.jpg (120.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-11-6 22:27, upload 2014, Nike, fallLook at my next Asian Cup have unlimited confidence might & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "so commercials are too cool, they wanted to win more shot several times every year, does have the feeling of stars ah" While the Chinese team preparing for June 14 Zhongyizhizhan day when, from afar, but apart from training the Iraqi soccer team, the visit from the street, to go shopping and enjoy the city of Tianjin style, leisure preparing for the heart is relaxed. This does not, the company also sponsors Olympic shot from the advertising, the core team on the 10th Younis often shoot some excellent shots from that attitude after going to the photographer's camera, and admire herself. & Nbsp; In order to ensure the safety of the Iraqi soccer team, the Olympic company specially in Iraq's national soccer team stayed Astor Hotel on the second floor of a conference room, will it converted into a studio. Fortunately, the space and the facilities are good, plus fruit meal, Younis and two other teammates to shoot up, the mood has been good. As 2007 Asian Cup best player, Younis is currently in Asia can be considered a "wrist," but he was shot in front of the finish after a predetermined operation, always love to do a few since that cool action or expression, joy has filled the whole filming process, to fully experience the atmosphere less than dignified contest before the arrival. Younis extraordinary heroic & nbsp; I'm not sensational! The last time I saw a friend said Wujiaochang Bailian and a small spot, went to look at the next, and sure enough, in front of the stage is 43 and 42.5 yards! Still don't let try on, say limited shoes don't let on try, ha ha... Instead of trying it on, I took my shoes and looked at the shoe carefully, and with a closer look, I was shocked!!!! The gray and black part of the vamp is not even the cortex, and even the two layers are not, especially the gray part, because of the slightly lighter tone, the texture of the man-made material can be seen!!! This artificial material, even the general artificial leather is inferior to, the artificial leather has the leather at least the tactility and the firmness, this looks very bad, looks like the thick cloth!!!! Unexpectedly, 1399 of the Jordan generation is actually using this material, it is really surprising!!! No wonder the last time someone broke the shoe material is too bad, especially easy to fold, it is not easy to recover, this is the reason. This post is modified by tmac409 [in 2015-07-31 13:58] in more and more pursuit of personality today, shoes guest industry has mushroomed, The, Shoe, Surgeon is one of the leaders. Seen with Chanel handbags as raw materials to build the Air Jordan 1, The Shoe and Gucci Surgeon recently will be transformed into a purse a pair of sport boots, and the "Double G", Logo embossing zipper and circular metal ring cleverly into the design, at the same time collocation Nile crocodile is the ultimate luxury. surely we have seen enough about air jordans Kobe pack related reports, we once thought that the memorial package will not be available for sale, but the idea or will change, recently, there was news leaked air jordans Kobe pack or will be available for sale and pricing for $500, although the news has not been officially confirmed, but some news about the suit, even if just the slightest sign of trouble, also will give the sneaker community create earthquake like volatility. Source: kicksonfire